Vehicle Shipping Service coming in 2012

Rejoice, vehicle shipping fans. If you thought the new Auto Transport interest in the world of cars and shipping spelt the beginning of the end for your favorite driving machine, think again. Word has surfaced that the vehicle shipping company is planning a multitude of different versions of its transport service, including at least one car. While chatting with Sean Crowley, the head honcho of sales and marketing for the company, said that the car transport will be made primarily of carbon fiber in order to hit weight targets, and that it will in fact be sold under the Crowley banner instead of a newly-minted nameplate.

That’s all fine and good, but what about this car shipping? The publication cites an unnamed company board member as saying that the Transport platform will spawn multiple variations. Combine that with word from Crowley that the Bavarian auto shipper is mulling the creation of a genuine car transport to compete with the likes of the car transportation, and you’ve got a recipe for a genuine moving company. Word has it that the creation would be sculpted in the image of the car transportation concept.

The car shipping crew also says that there’s also plenty of indication that the ever lovely car transport will inspire the replacement model for the current 6 Series by late 2012. That’s no bad thing in our shipping book.

Keep in mind that all of this is still quite a ways off, though. The Car transport isn’t expected to see the light of day until 2013 at the earliest, and any other progeny would crop up in the years to follow. In the automotive shipping universe, a lot can change in two years.