Cheap Car Shipping Castro Valley Quotes and Services Guide

Castro Valley, California is a unique and interesting city that has a lot to offer. It’s located in the San Francisco Bay Area and is situated near several other cities, including Dublin, Hayward and Pleasanton. Castro Valley has a lot of history as well as some vibrant culture. You’ll find plenty of things to do here if you’re looking for something fun or just want to relax by yourself at home. If you need to ship your car in or out of Castro Valley then it’s important that you compare auto transport companies before making any decisions about who will handle your shipment.

Getting a Quote on Shipping Cars to or from Castro Valley

Please note that only licensed and insured car shipping companies can submit a quote.

We recommend getting quotes from at least 3 different providers to compare prices and services. This will help you make an informed decision when choosing the best provider for your needs.

The companies will provide you with an estimate based on information provided by you, such as the year of your vehicle, its model type, fuel type (gasoline or diesel), VIN number, mileage and any other details needed to prepare an accurate quote.

You should also ask about additional fees such as those associated with packing materials or insurance coverage during transit if they are not included in the price of shipping cars to Castro Valley California

How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Car in California?

The average cost of shipping a car in California is $1,500-$1,800. This price includes the basic moving fee and transportation costs. If you want to add additional services such as insurance and storage, it will cost extra.

You can get free quotes from experienced freight movers by clicking on the “Get Quotes” button at the top of this page. You can start comparing prices from multiple companies so you can find the best deal for your budget!

Finding Reliable Auto Transport Companies

  • Look for auto transport companies that have been in business for a long time.
  • Look for car shipping companies with a solid reputation.
  • Look for auto transport companies with a good customer service record.
  • Look for auto transport companies that have a good track record of keeping customers informed about the status of their shipments, including providing updates as needed and answering questions promptly when they arise

Enclosed Car Transport vs. Open Auto Transport

If you are looking for the most affordable way to ship your car, then an open auto transport is probably right for you. However, if safety and security is a concern, then enclosed auto transport should be considered.

The main difference between enclosed and open car shipping options is that with enclosed transportation there is no need to worry about your vehicle being damaged in transit as it will be completely protected by the shipping container. Open car shipping also has its benefits though, as it costs less than closed auto transport and therefore may prove more economical if there isn’t any damage done during transit or if you don’t mind having minor dents or scratches on your vehicle when it arrives at its destination.

Enclosed Auto Transport: The Safest Way To Ship Your Car

Castro Valley, CA Information

Castro Valley is a city located in Alameda County, California. It is named after Don Guillermo Castro (1820–1895), who was a soldier in the Mexican army, a rancher and local politician. The population was 61,388 at the 2010 census. The city’s slogan is “From the Valley to the Stars.”

Castro Valley has been ranked as one of the top 50 safest cities in California along with San Ramon and Dublin. Castro Valley used to be part of the Rancho San Lorenzo grant which was given by Governor Pio Pico to his secretary James Alexander Forbes on December 4th 1838.[2] Although Castro had sold off much of this land already[3], he retained an interest in some parcels including what was known as “Rancho Ojo del Agua de la Coche” or simply Ojo del Agua (later known as Fairview)[4].

With completion of this dam Raymond V Moore began development (1917)[5]. Incorporated on January 21st 1952[6] Castro Valley is named after Don Guillermo Castro,[7][8] who served as mayor from 1953-1958.[9] The name honors his contributions both political and military during his leadership over local Native American tribes such as Uti Tama, Nasoni Rancheria and Pinoleville.[10][11][12] A statue honoring him can be found at Bonnabel Park[13].


If you’re planning on shipping your car to or from Castro Valley, we hope this guide helped you find the best services. As always, we recommend doing some research before making a decision so that you don’t get burned by a bad deal.